Monday 6/13/16 QuickDVDdelivery review of the day

Monday 6/13/16 QuickDVDdelivery review of the day

What is going on today?

Currently 34 orders in queue to be sent out today.

Today we should be getting in about 100 different 16 hour Legend box sets for $6.98.   These sell very well, you get 4 different Legend 4 Hours for about $1.75 each so its a good deal.   

We are taking inventory on New Sensations and Digital Sin today and then we will be re-ordering a bunch of New great titles from them.  

We recently started buying direct from them and its been a great situation.

They are giving us deals we never imagined we could get on their products.

We are going to be selling 2014 releases for $5.99.   We dont' see them on any other sites for less than $22.

Phone has been ringing like crazy today with customers asking all kinds of questions.   Some days the phone never rings and some days it rings off the hook.

Hope everyone has a great day


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