Choosing a DVD -

Choosing a DVD -

There are so many DVDs they are all the same. is going to try to make it more simple.

There are two main things to consider.

Quality and Quantity 

A DVD can only hold a certain amount of data.   

The higher the quality of that data the more space it takes up.

So a 10 hour DVD is going to be much lower quality than a 2 hour  DVD.

So you have to choose, do I want more scenes at a lower resolution or did i want the best quality image.

If you want the best quality choose DVDs that do not mention the amount of hours in the title.

If you want the most scenes for your money choose titles that say 4 hour, 8 hour, 9 hour, 10 hour.

A box set can be a good value with high quality.  

A box set can have 16 hours, but it may have 4 DVDs.

So if you see a high amount of hours check to see if its more than one DVD.


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