Can't Believe Your DVD Prices - QuickDVDdelivery

I got a phone call from a customer yesterday and he really couldn't believe our prices.

He must have asked 100 different ways if we were legit.

Its funny because I always want our prices to be lower.   

We are always squeezing the studios for better deals and if we don't get the deal, we don't buy.  

There are so many studios that we can always tell a company no

We built this site as a Discount Store.   We are not Walmart.  We don't have everything.

We don't want to.   We only want to sell things that are an unbelievable deal.

We don't care that a new Super Parody XXX DVD came out for $29.99.

Its not what we do or who we are.   

My best advice to anyone that is skeptical is that we accept VISA, MC, and paypal.

If you don't get satisfaction you can always get your money back, but we have the best customer service now.   Checkout our reviews.

You won't have any problems with your order and if you do, just send us an email or give us a call.


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