Customer Phone Calls - QuickDVDdelivery Phone Number

My favorite part of the business is customer phone calls.   What I love is the shock and disbelief that:

1. Someone answered the phone

2. That I speak English and only English

3. We don't have a menu maze.

The most frequent comment I get is "you sound like a regular guy."

Everyone is nice on the telephone.   That's a fact.   Its really a nice feeling to help people with their questions or concerns.

The most common reason for a phone call is "I didn't type my email address correctly."

I would say I get about 10 of those per week.

We get a lot of phone calls about placing orders over the phone.   

Our policy on phone orders is that we have a $50 minimum.

I takes a long time to take an order over the phone.    Our 800 number is expensive and charges by the minute.

Its 2016 I know people want to resist change but if you aren't placing orders on-line its time to start.

Our website is https secured.   Look at the url.   We are the only site that uses encryption on every page.  That is why we will never have a virus or malware on our site.

Keep the phone calls coming.   



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