We Dont Have Discounts, Promo Codes - QuickDVDdelivery

We don't have any.   Discounts and promo codes tell you that the place you are buying from isn't honest.  

We treat all customers the same.   We don't have preferred customers or preferred customer discounts.

We are ruthless with the manufacturers and we negotiate the best deal we can on the DVDs we sell.

We have our standard markup and that is our price.

People ask me "what do you do about the stuff that doesn't sell?"

I said "what stuff that doesn't sell?"  

It all sells when its at the right price.

Compare our prices to any site.   We crush all adult DVD websites out there.

So know when you purchase that you are always getting the best price.  You never have to worry about seeing it on sale next week or seeing a promo code for 30 % off.   We don't do that.


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