7 Days of Black Friday to Cyber Monday Deals

Starting Tuesday night we will be listing daily specials.   They are all very limited quantities.   Please read so you can take advantage of the sales

1. Each day will be about 4-12 specials

2. You can order each day and have all the items combined together with free shipping to ship on Tuesday.

To have your orders combined you MUST type "Combine Orders" in the notes section during checkout.  It has to be done on each order so shipping knows to combine them.   Its going to be very busy and its the only way to get it done.

We will refund any shipping charges after we combine all the orders.  

3. Do not leave items in your cart and think they will be there the next day.   Putting items in your cart does not hold them.  When you are shopping and put something in your cart 10 people could have the same item in their cart.   The first person to checkout will be the one that gets it.   That is how all websites work.

If you have any questions please contact me.

Tuesday is the first day and Monday will be the last day.   Then we will go back to our normal Thursday specials.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving