Adult DVDs

We have been selling Adult DVDs since 1998.  Selling adult DVDs is different than selling most products because of the huge privacy concern of the customer.  We like to think that we provide a service that connects customers with Adult DVDs and Content safely.   The privacy is why people choose our site.   

We never sell or share your private information.  Our return mailing address has nothing about Adult DVDs on it.   Our packages are plain boxes or plain bubble mailers.   We use very experience Kraft paper tape.   We use this tape because sometimes when its humid regular clear tape will unstick from card board.   Our tape sticks to cardboard.  It costs about 2 times the price of regular tape, but its worth it.   


We ship your Adult DVDs quickly.  Most orders ship within 24 hours.  If you order late on Friday it will probably ship Monday.   If you are unsure about how shipping times are calculated please contact us.

XXX DVDs have changed a lot in the last 20 years.   Many companies are no longer around.   The amount of cheap adult DVDs has really declined.   We are doing our best to come up with as much cheap content as we can.   We are buying it from any supplier that offers it.

We sell Porn DVDs in sleeves.  No case or cover.   These DVDs are out of print and are printed by 3rd parties that have the rights to reprint these DVDs.    These DVDs allow us to offer a low price to the customer and provide content that is no longer in circulation.   If you are a collector of DVDs and you want the covers and cases, factory sealed, then please choose the Adult DVDs that have "Sealed" in the title.

Adult DVDs in Sleeves

We also offer downloads on the same kind of material for just $2.00

These items can be added to your cart like any other item.   After you pay the link to download will appear on the screen and then links will also be emailed to you. 

If you have an iphone it wll just start to stream when you click on the link and if you have a computer it will download it to your "Downloads" folder.   Then just double click the file and your media player will play the video.

Shipping times for Adult DVDs and all products have been very challenging in the last few years.   Please refer to the USPS delivery times and UPS delivery times.  Remember we ship from PA with zip code 19341.  Using this will help you determine how quickly you can get your products.