Our DVDs are new and direct from the studio.

We have a very specific policy about shipping with cases and here it is:

If it says "Sealed" in the title then its new and sealed. If it doesn't then it comes in a white sleeve.

This is a real photo from our DVD warehouse.  Not a stock photo with a lady wearing a hardhat.   

Here is why?

90% of the DVDs we sell are under $4.00.   We could never offer DVDs for $1.99 in the cases.  All our expenses would double and triple if we carried that many DVDs in cases.

We would need about 10 times the sq feet we have.  Our rent would increase by 10.

We would need about 10 more employees.

Shipping costs would sky rocket.

We sell DVDs over $4.00 with the cases because we don't stock as many.  Most of the DVDs in that price range, we stock 1 -5 of each.   We feel like people that spend $15 for a Brazzers DVD should get the case if they want it

If you do not want the cases, just say "NO CASES" in the special instructions section.

If you are a retailer with a store, please shop from the wholesale section