About Us

We are one of the last "Mom and Pop" adult DVD sites left and we are only getting bigger.

We have been operating for 19 years.  We have filled over one million orders.

Most sites just list  every DVD that exists at prices of $24.99 and up.

When those sites make a sale they special order the items from their distributor or manufacturer.

You will find those same $24.99 DVDs on our site for $1.99 to $5.99.

We have developed relationships and friendships with select companies and we only buy what they are offering on special.   Why pay full price for things??

If we can't buy it at a huge discount then we don't buy it.

Our selection is not as big as the other sites, but our prices are the lowest in the industry.  We also stock every item that we offer.   We ship in 24 hours and we only have backorders in rare situations.   We don't special order all your items in while you wait.   We have everything in stock and it ships out right away.

We are dedicated to finding the best deals on Adult DVDs.   We try to find items that we can sell at 75% off.  If its $29.99 on other sites, our price is probably $5.99.  You can be sure if you buy from us, you found the cheapest price.

We are an American owned, full time Adult DVD, on-line retailer.

Thanks for shopping with us