No Back Order Guarantee

Back orders are the worst.  You are all excited to get your package and you open it and all you get is a lousy back order slip.   

Some companies intend to sell what they do not have.   We never intend to do that.  We try to keep a 100% accurate inventory.   Mistakes do happen.   Some titles are so similar that someone can enter that we have 10 of  Best Butts #2, when we really have #3.

We are going to do everything we can to prevent these mistakes, but if it does happen here is the plan:

Your order will still ship as planned.   No delay.   We will send you a comparable DVD for FREE just as a bonus.   We will order in the DVD as quickly as possible.   If it takes longer than 2 week we will notify you and see if you want to wait or if you want to chose something else from the site.   

We cannot prevent every mistake, but we guarantee:

Not to hold up the rest of your order

To give you a FREE comparable DVD while you wait.

I got this idea today when I talked to a customer that has been buying from another site and he said that everything was on back order all the time.

We are saying NO MORE to backorders!!!!