Overnight Shipping

We now offer UPS at a very discounted rate over what you would pay if you walked into UPS.  Its about 40% less.   What this means is that States that are close to us like PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD, and OH can now get real Overnight Guaranteed shipping for a very cheap price.

When you checkout and see the shipping options it will now offer UPS.  It will show you the price and tell you exactly how many days.   Its not an estimate.  

Most States East of the Mississippi will be 1 - 3 days.  The closer you are to our location the faster it will be.   Our checkout will always tell you how long it will take so you can make the best decision on your shipping based on price and service.

We really don't recommend it for West Coast because it takes 5 business days and it gets pretty expensive, but for some people they prefer it.

We hope this additional shipping service works for a lot of customers.

If you have any questions about it please contact us. 

Thank you