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We are a discount Adult DVD site from Philadelphia, PA, est. 1999.  We only offer products that are deeply discounted.   We don't sell any DVDs for $24.99.   Why pay $24.99 when a similar title, from the same company, is currently on sale for $5.99?  

Our selection changes constantly as we get in new discount DVDs and we sell out of current titles.   Please note that the more hours on a DVD the lower the quality.  DVDs that don't say how long they run, are about 2 hours.   They are the best quality.  10 Hours will be the lowest quality.  

If you aren't looking for a specific title, we can save you up to 75% on Adult DVDs.  We ship all orders in 24 hours in discreet packages.  

Give us a try.  If you aren't happy we offer a money back, hassle free guarantee.  

Remember if you haven't seen it, its new to you.