Shipping Tips

Shipping costs from the USPS have been steadily rising for the last few years, but on Jan 27th they hit everyone with some huge increases.   Basically anything that was a good deal before is no longer.   Previously first class shipping rates were the same to all states.   Now its set up like Priority Mail, where its based on distance.


We have done two things to help customers with the rising costs of shipping.

When you spend over $30 we still have free shipping via media mail.   Media mail is the SLOWEST shipping service, but you can get 10 lbs of DVDs shipped to California for free.   If you choose Priority Mail that is probably around $40.  


If you spend over $30 we discount the Priority Mail rate by $3.00.   This is great for smaller shipments, because you can get a small package shipped Priority Mail for around $4.00 instead of $7.00.


UPS (brown truck) - We are offering UPS again.  We get a huge discount from UPS.   It really depends on your address and ease of delivery for them.   Some shipments we see as much as a 40% discount over what you would pay at the UPS counter.   UPS is THE MOST reliable service.   If you are close to us in PA you will get your order the next day if you order early.  


West Coast

If you are on the West Coast use Media Mail if you are concerned about Price.  Use Priority Mail if you want it fast.


East Coast

If you are on the East Cost use Media Mail if you want it cheap and use UPS if you want it fast.


Mid West

If you are in the Mid West I would use Media Mail if you want it cheap.   Use the cheapest between UPS and Priority Mail.