Terms and Conditions

We provide the best security available in the world to protect our customers personal information.   Our website has been trusted by our regular customers for almost 20 years.  We have never had one issue with the personal information of our customers being compromised.  

1. DVDs are not returnable, unless a legitimate defect can be proven.  Recently we are experiencing a rash of customer buying large amounts and DVDs and wanting to return them for no reason.   We cannot resell items that have been shipped out.  No customer wants products that have been handled by other customers.

2. This is not a wholesale website.  It is against our terms of service to purchase our DVDs for resale unless you contact us to be a wholesale customer.   We cannot stop you from reselling items, but we are not responsible for providing items that are ready for resale in a retail store.  Many of our products come in packages that are specific to mail order.

3. Our DVDs that say "Sealed" are new and Sealed and DVDs that do not say sealed, will come in a white protective sleeve.  This is done to provide them at the lowest possible price. International orders are shipped in protective sleeves.  Shipping cases outside of the US is just too costly.

4. Quality vs Price.  Price per hour of video.  The lower the cost per hour of video the lower the quality.  If a DVD is 10 hours for $2 than that is 20 cents per hour.  There is not way you can expect the same quality as a 2 hour DVD that is $15.   All DVDs are not created equal.  $1.99 DVDs are lower quality than $10 DVDs.   Please do not expect the same quality.

5. Choosing a DVD.   We make many recommendations on the website.  We have never had a complaint from a DVD in the "high quality" section.  If you choose to buy cheaper DVDs, that is your choice as a consumer.  We do everything we can to explain that cheaper DVDs will be lower quality.   Ultimately it is up to the consumer to do their own research or follow our suggestions.   If you go against our recommendations and fail to do your own research then its buyer beware.   We do everything we can to try to explain, but 9/10 people will just buy the cheapest DVDs.



Please Read to Price vs Quality Information

We do not manufacture the DVDs.   We sell the same DVDs you will find on every other site.  We just sell them for much less and ship them faster.  That is what makes us better.

Adult DVDs are like hotel rooms.  The lower the price, the lower the quality, but some people are totally fine with a budget motel, while some people will not stay in them for free.   $1.99 - $2.99 DVDs are the lowest quality.  They are printed on a cheaper DVD, using a cheaper process, using lower quality video.

We strongly suggest DVDs in the $4.99 range for optimal video quality.  I would prefer that a customer buy 6 DVDs at $4.99 each, than 15 DVDs at $1.99 each.   You will enjoy the 6 DVDs much more than the 15.   I understand we are all programmed to buy the cheapest, but we want you to enjoy your adult DVD experience.

You really get what you pay for with Adult DVDs.   The prices are not random.

Understand the differences in quality before you buy, if you are not sure please ask us.    DVDs are not returnable.


Thank you