Understanding how the DVDs on our site are priced.

The most important thing to understand is that we don't manufacture or product any of these DVDs.   We cannot be held accountable for the content of a DVD any more than you could hold a bookstore accountable for the content of a book.   

Different things are important to different customers.   Some want the most hours of video for the least amount of money.  They don't care if it looks like it was shot through a dirty screen window.   Some want the best quality.  Some want a balance.

We are without any question, the only Adult DVD site that is fairly priced.   Most sites sell all their DVDs at the same price regardless of their market value.   

Here is the best advice we can give buyers.   How much better is a DVD priced at $10 compared to one priced at $1.99.   It is 500% better.   On our site you truly get what you pay for.

If you only shop in the $2.99 and less sections then please realize that you are a bargain bin shopper.   You aren't going to find high quality there.    If you should in the $9.99 section you aren't going to find DVDs that have 10 hours of footage.  They will have around 2 hours of high quality video.     If you shop in the $4.99 range, you are going to find a balance.   

The best values on this site are in the $4.99 to $5.99 range.

We welcome you to shop around.

Just take a title and google it.  Compare the prices for the same DVD on other sites.

We know we are the cheapest.   We are here to sell DVDs, we do not sell online rentals or streaming.

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