USPS Delays Updated 12/17/20

We do not have shipping delays.  Ever.   We are Quick.   We have heard all the clever jokes about our name, because you are frustrated with the Post Office.  We ship all orders in 24 hours.   We are not overwhelmed or stressed at all.   We are properly staffed and we are extremely efficient.   If you use UPS (brown truck) you will get your package in 1-5 days.   We are on the East Coast.   If you are on the East Coast and you order Monday you will probably get your package Wednesday.   If you are in California, You will get it in 1 week.   

1. Article about Huge Delays

2. Article about Huge Delays

If you have placed an order and chosen US Mail over UPS because it was cheaper, against our advice on our website, then you are not going to receive it for 14-30 days.   

Once we give it to the Post Office, then its up to them.   Blaming us for the delays of the post office during a pandemic is wrong.   We are a small family business that does their job.   The post office is a 70 billion dollar business that can't do their job despite having ever resource imaginable.   Abusing our staff or leaving us a 1 star review, because your package is sitting in St Louis, isn't going to get your package to you any faster.  If it makes you feel good, then I feel badly for you.   If you are abusive we will block you from the website.

The post office is experiencing unprecedented delays with all services.   Packages are being delayed getting scanned in, at the sort facilities and as they move around the country.   Your package is not lost.   It may not show any updates, but its not lost.   This is happening to everyone.   

Unfortunately there isn't anything we can do about it.  We cannot call them and ask them to speed up your package.  The post offices in our area stopped taking phone calls over a month ago.

We are receiving over 50 calls per day about people wanting us to get the post office to speed up their delivery.  We understand your frustration but there isn't anything we can do about it.   

We are all in this pandemic together.   This isn't 2019.   This isn't last month.   This is now and this is the situation.   Saying you don't believe it, doesn't change that its true.   

We have packages that we are waiting on as well for gifts and I don't expect them to be delivered by Christmas.   My advice to anyone that is ordering anything right now is use UPS as we have stated on our website since mid November.   We warned people on our website that this was coming.

We are truly sorry about the delays with the post office, we hope you will have your package soon.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I ordered at another website and got my order quickly why is this package taking so long?   

a: One package has nothing to do with the particulars of another package.   The only people that can answer that are the USPS and they are not taking calls.

2. I ordered from you in the past and it was quick, why is it taking so long now?   

a: The post office is short staffed everywhere.   Very few stores are open for Holiday shopping, the post office simply can't handle the volume of packages its receiving.   If McDonalds can make 500 Cheeseburgers per hour and they are getting orders for 5000 cheeseburgers per hour, there is going to be a wait.

3. Can you call the post office and check on my package?

a: No, that isn't how the post office works and they have not taken phone calls in over a phone.   Call a post office yourself.   Here is the number for our post office give it a try.    (610) 738-7638

4. Can you run a "tracer" on my package?  

a: No, that isn't a real thing.

5. Can you change the address on my package after is ships?

a: No, you can't.