Charlies Little Devils - Brianna Banks Real Movie Legend Adult DVD In Sleeve
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Congressman Filmore is running for president against Senator Bushly and he has dirt on Filmore. Filmore goes to his friend Charlie Angel, an expert with these problems. Charlies girls go after Bushly, but they misfire a couple of times and end up doing the wrong guys. Finally they capture Bushly with a girl on video as well as in photos and tell him if he goes public on Filmore theyll go public on him. The girls love their work so much they beg Charlie for another assignment. 


Legend Features:

Features is an Adult DVD industry term.   The way DVDs work is that the company releases a "Feature DVD" that contains new footage when its released.   If you only bought features you would never get a duplicate scene.   They run about 90 to 12 minutes.   They are very specific in content and details.   They will usually list the performers.

Some older Legend Features are real movies, with stories and plots (as funny as they are.)

So why buy features instead of 4 Hours?    Features have less video per DVD, that means the video quality will be better.   The more content you put on a DVD the lower the resolution (video quality.)   The content will be more specific.   If you are looking for a DVD with all Big, Natural Boobs you can bet a feature will have what you want, where a 4 hour DVD may not be quite as specific.

How do you tell the difference between features and 4 hours.

4 Hours will say "4 Hour" in the title

Features will not mention any amount of hours.

We hope this information helps you make better choices with your adult DVDs.

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