Top 25 Cumshots #8 - 4 Hour Legend DVD in SleeveIn Sleeve


$ 2.29 

Legend 4 Hour Adult DVDs are a good bargain DVD for the price.

Legend 4 Hour DVDs are a collection of scenes from the Legend features.

The company takes all their footage and they will choose 4 hours of scenes that fit the type of content in the title.

If the title is a lesbian scene, then the company selects lesbian scenes from their library. It gives the customer 4 hours of past footage at a discounted price.

They are a great value, but we do offer DVDs of much higher quality in the price range of $4.99 and $5.99.

Of the DVDs that we offer they are on the lower end of picture quality and content.   

At $1.99 they are a great buy for 4 hours of scenes.