Generation 4 Silicone Filled Breast Forms D Cup Color #3, 6.75 lbs


$ 299.99 

New Generation 4

Weight 6.75 lbs.   

The most realistic breast forms on the market.

They feature realistic skin texture.  You know how you look at your skin closely and there are 1000s of tiny lines.   That is what this product has.  It gives it a much more realistic and less "shiny/fake" look.

It features a behind the ear neck.  This is covered by your hair and helps keep the breasts up.  Stops them from sliding down.  It also provides additional support.

The most realistic nipples of any product.  If you want to know if an item is good quality look at the nipples.  

The breasts are filled with liquid silicone.   Liquid silicone is like molasses.  Its super thick material that allows for the breasts to move, bounce and gives them a real feel.

Its not going to leak.