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Sex Doll

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These dolls are as good as the real thing.  We deal directly with the manufacturer so we can offer unbelievable prices.   Our same dolls are sold for as much as $5000 on other sites.   

Lets start with the important things.   You can have sex with the vagina and ass.   Its the best feeling sex toy you can imagine.   Its that feeling of "im not gonna last very long.

Its very heavy.   Weighs in at 90lbs and about 5'3".

The head screws on and off with an attachment.

You cannot fuck the mouth.  I asked why.   They said that it will ruin the lips after a while and your doll will look damaged so they stopped making the mouth fuckable.   That really makes sense.

The doll is fragile like a person.   The skin has nicks and abrasions on it like a real person.   It is not perfect like a plastic doll.   It can't be.   You can use soap and water with a soft cloth and gentle smooth edges of any abrasions.

It comes with dark and blonde wigs.   It comes with extra nails for fingers and toes.

It comes with a vibrating bullet to put in the hole you are not using.

She is pose-able in about any position that you can put a person.   .

You must pose her on a soft surface.  She has a metal skeleton and if you posed her on all 4s on a hard floor the knees will rip.   

The doll is not indestructible.   It will wear down over time.  The more you take care of it, the longer it will last.  

Its an incredibly alternative to the real thing.   


The package comes discreetly shipped by UPS.