About Privacy

Our customer's privacy is the most important thing to us.  Our customers have been with us for years.  If we have 100 orders in a day 95 of them will be repeat customers.   Once you have ordered about 10 times, we know who you are.   We have many customers that have ordered over 200 times and we have a few that have ordered over 300 times.   

Our customers know their information is safe.   We use the safest checkout.  We don't share or sell personal information.  We also have experience.  If you call us and we call back, we aren't telling anyone why we are calling.   Usually its fine, but we don't take chances.   Our customers know that their personal business is their business and we protect that.  

Our system does email you about your order with the titles.   If you share an email with your family, then get another email.   One to use for adult purchases.  Emails are free.  Be smart.

Email us if there is anything I didn't cover, but we don't have issues, so whatever you are concerned about, its not going to be an issue.