About Us

I never liked writing these things, because I read them on other people's websites and they sound fake.  

We are a small family business.   Many of my family members have worked in the warehouse along with any friend that was between jobs.  

We have been in business for 25 years.   We have built up one of the largest collections of out of print DVDs in the world.   We used to just put 1 or 2 of a title away in our storage warehouse when we had to move from there into our new warehouse we realized we had about 1,000 cases of older DVDs.  100,000 DVDs.  DVDs that were have been out of print for years.   We are slowing working them into the website.

We have seen a lot of changes in the industry.   When we started we were selling VHS.  Then it was VHS and DVD.   Then it was just DVD.   They thought Blu Ray was the next thing, but it never caught on.   

For years every title was available that has ever been created.  Then covid hit and many companies closed up.   Stores closed up and once they closed, that town wasn't allowing another one to open.  I would say 95% of all DVDs ever made are now out of print.   That has created a secondary market that is very complicated and ripe for fraud.  With "Factory Sealed" copies brining 100s of dollars while an unsealed copy might bring 20% of the sealed price.   Shrink wrap is only as good as the person you are getting it.   Everyone has shrink wrap machines.  Everyone.  I would rather have an open DVD, at last that way you can ask them to test it before you buy it.  

I'm not sure where the business is going, but its pretty strong.  There is less and less free content online with all the rules about being able to upload.  They have cracked down on Pornhub and Xhamster.   They just don't allow anyone to upload adult content.  You have to be approved and the content has to be yours.  You have to have documentation.  That eliminates about 99% of the porn that was out there.   Its still out there, but its not the same.