Bubble Butt Bonanza 2 - Certified DVD. DVD 5/5, Artwork 5/5. Play Test Passed #1013


$ 79.99 

 We are offering the first ever graded and certified Adult DVDs.

Just like baseball cards, coins or comic books, Adult DVDs have become a big collectible item with out of print DVDs going for 100s of dollars.

1. Each DVD is registered with us by number.

2. Each DVD is graded.  The condition of the DVD.

3. The Artwork is graded.   

4. Each DVD is play tested.  If the entire DVD plays from start to finish, it gets a "Pass" rating.   

5. The DVD case is compressed within the package to prevent the DVD from becoming loose during transit.

6. The Clam Shell case is heat sealed and also a Tamper Proof Sealed that is also numbered.

As long as the package is kept sealed the item is certified.  You can sell it to another party with the guarantee of an impartial 3rd party.