11/07/2017 Adding more titles

Getting things organized at the new warehouse is a slow process.   We are starting to get to the boxes that have new product and hopefully we will have added many new items in November.   We are trying to add a lot of new companies.   We will try them out in small quantities at first to see how they are received.   As always we really only add items that have been seriously discounted by the studios.   We may bring in some very select titles that just don't get discounted.   We realize that some customers are ok with paying the prices for some of the high end, big budget titles.   


Blog Posts

I'm going to try to write blog posts on a regular basis to let customers know of new items and what is going on at QDD.

Today is Saturday 11/4/17 and we are shipping today.   Any orders placed today will be shipped today.   

Can't Believe Your DVD Prices - QuickDVDdelivery

I got a phone call from a customer yesterday and he really couldn't believe our prices.

He must have asked 100 different ways if we were legit.

Its funny because I always want our prices to be lower.   

We are always squeezing the studios for better deals and if we don't get the deal, we don't buy.  

There are so many studios that we can always tell a company no

We built this site as a Discount Store.   We are not Walmart.  We don't have everything.

We don't want to.   We only want to sell things that are an unbelievable deal.

We don't care that a new Super Parody XXX DVD came out for $29.99.

Its not what we do or who we are.   

My best advice to anyone that is skeptical is that we accept VISA, MC, and paypal.

If you don't get satisfaction you can always get your money back, but we have the best customer service now.   Checkout our reviews.

You won't have any problems with your order and if you do, just send us an email or give us a call.


Customer Phone Calls - QuickDVDdelivery Phone Number

My favorite part of the business is customer phone calls.   What I love is the shock and disbelief that:

1. Someone answered the phone

2. That I speak English and only English

3. We don't have a menu maze.

The most frequent comment I get is "you sound like a regular guy."

Everyone is nice on the telephone.   That's a fact.   Its really a nice feeling to help people with their questions or concerns.

The most common reason for a phone call is "I didn't type my email address correctly."

I would say I get about 10 of those per week.

We get a lot of phone calls about placing orders over the phone.   

Our policy on phone orders is that we have a $50 minimum.

I takes a long time to take an order over the phone.    Our 800 number is expensive and charges by the minute.

Its 2016 I know people want to resist change but if you aren't placing orders on-line its time to start.

Our website is https secured.   Look at the url.   We are the only site that uses encryption on every page.  That is why we will never have a virus or malware on our site.

Keep the phone calls coming.   



We Dont Have Discounts, Promo Codes - QuickDVDdelivery

We don't have any.   Discounts and promo codes tell you that the place you are buying from isn't honest.  

We treat all customers the same.   We don't have preferred customers or preferred customer discounts.

We are ruthless with the manufacturers and we negotiate the best deal we can on the DVDs we sell.

We have our standard markup and that is our price.

People ask me "what do you do about the stuff that doesn't sell?"

I said "what stuff that doesn't sell?"  

It all sells when its at the right price.

Compare our prices to any site.   We crush all adult DVD websites out there.

So know when you purchase that you are always getting the best price.  You never have to worry about seeing it on sale next week or seeing a promo code for 30 % off.   We don't do that.


Why Do Websites Ask for Your Phone Number? - QuickDVDdelivery

I hate my phone.  I hate when it rings.  I don't have voicemail.  No company needs to call me when they have my email address.

We don't ask for your phone number because there is no reason for us to have it. 

Now I will say that many customers leave an invalid email address.

Type your email address correctly so we don't have to start asking for phone numbers again.


Free Porn = Virus

Free porn has been around as long as the internet.

We don't really feel like it effects our sales very much.   

The people that want high quality images and something specific are going to buy DVDs.

There have always been quality free sites that were free of virus' and malware.

We feel like that is now over.

Even the best free sites like Xhamster are now infected with "ransom" viruses. 

A ransom virus locks up your computer until you pay a ransom to someone that may or may not unlock your computer.

Most likely the only way to unlock your computer is to reset it to factory settings and lose everything.

We know our customers go to free sites, they are no secret.

We are asking our customers to be careful.   Make sure  that your virus protection is up to date.  Unfortunately these ransom programs can't be blocked.

Just be very careful before you click on a link out there.

Our site is https: protected.  That means every page is secure.

We are the only porn site that I have seen that pays the money to have every page on the site secured.

Just look for the url at the top to start with https (the S is for secure)


Todays News - QuickDVDdelivery

We just made it.   All orders shipped today as of 4:00 pm EST.

The post office usually picks up everyday at 4:15pm.

We added about 500 new $2.99 DVDs, about 100 different 16 hour DVDs.

We are about to start working on some New Legend titles.

We are unpacking now, its the first of two shipments we are getting of about 10,000 DVDs from Legend.   We have been out of most of their titles for a while as they set up their new warehouse.

They are shipping again and we will have over 1000 titles from them in stock very soon.

We are on a pretty good streak of all orders shipping the same day.

We expect no delays the rest of this week.

Thank you!!



Now Shipping to Ireland - QuickDVDdelivery

How could we leave out our brothers and sisters from Ireland?

Some of the best people in the world.

We are now shipping to Ireland.

New Price Drop on Elegant Angel DVDs

Recent Elegant Angel releases now for $9.99