Busty Jaw Breakers

Busty Jaw Breakers


Massive inventory reduction sale begins with 8 popular sections across the top of the home page.

Anal, Fantasy, Black, Lesbian, Trans, and more all significantly reduced.

This sale is lasting 7 days, so check back each day for new price drops.


April 8th

We have some new specials on the front page.  Right now we are just focused on filling orders as quickly as we can.  

April 4th

Box Set Specials on the front page.

"bonus DVD" special from last week was only available for 12 hours as an email flash sale special.   If there are limited time sales, they will be for the limited time.   We have people a week later asking for the bonus DVDs, its not that we don't want to give you a DVD, its just that we are not set up for it now and it will cause delays and problems in shipping.   In the future any "flash sales" will only be honored during the specified times.   

April 2nd

We have reduced the prices of the sale items in 8 categories on the front page.   The price shown is the sale price.  All prices have been reduced by at least 25%.  

March 30th

Not much going on today.  All emails are answered.   

Hoping to get more Channel 69 specials on the website.

Hopefully later in the afternoon after the orders are done.

March 29th

Extremely busy day.  All emails are answered.

Lots of new items on the front page, including 20 new sections of premium stuff.

March 28th Tuesday - Happy Tuesday

Tuesday is pretty mild day compared to Mondays.

All emails are answered.  

We have added some new Channel 69 DVDs in the Milf Category you can find it on the front page or click here.


March 27th Monday - Good Day everyone.   

Channel 69 Shipment

Today we have the Channel 69 shipment coming in, about 2000 titles.  Lots of out of print and dvds you have not seen in a while.   

Sweetheart Video

This is a really good line of Lesbian DVDs with all the major stars.  They are normally $8.99 and we have them for $5.99.   - Click Here

All emails are answered.  If you have a question email us through the contact us button and we get back to you usually within 30 minutes.  

Have a great week!


March 26th Sunday

4:32 PM EST - We just added Reality Junkies for $5.99.  We just have one of each.   

We have added over 30,000 new titles to the website that is up from our normal 10,000.  Orders do take 2 business days to process right now.   We have always shipped within 24 hours, but with this many titles we just can't.   We ran a survey if people would prefer more titles with slower processing times and the results were 90% in favor.   If you have any questions, please contact support.

We have a huge Channel 69 deal coming in tomorrow.  They have lots of category specific titles, like Asian, Granny, Trans, Big Tits and many others.   Its older material, but its getting very hard to find and many of their discontinued titles are going for big money.   This is a good chance to get them at a lower price than normal.   

Magazines:  We should have our complete inventory of uncirculated vintage magazines out on the site soon.  Club, Hustler, Playboy, Penthouse.   These examples are mint.  Never sold.  We bought out a magazines distributor when Covid hit and most of the items have been sitting in boxes.   The big problem with Magazines is that they can't ship MEDIA MAIL.   If you want to buy magazines, I would order them separately from your DVDs, because if you order 100 DVDs and 1 magazine the order has to go Priority Mail.   So buy your DVDs and get the Free shipping, then pay for the magazines on a separate order.   It costs about $6.50 to ship a magazine.  I know its insane.   That's what first class is now for 13 oz.   We make nothing on shipping.   

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