2 Dicks and a Chick - Legend Digital Download (McAfee Verified Safe)

Digital Download

$ 2.00 

This download is verified safe my McAfee internet security.  It guarantees that there are no harmful items included with this download.  Random internet sites are loaded with harmful programs that can infect your computer.

About this download: Downloads and streaming are different.  This movie will be downloaded to your device.  The resolution is mainly set up for a small screen.  Movie files are huge so we try to get the file size down to something that is acceptable to view, but doesn't take up all your storage.  If you are downloading them on a computer or laptop, then just size the video player down to a small size to get a clearer picture.  The bigger the screen the less clear it will be.   

This is a download to keep permanently.  Its yours forever.

This is not a DVD.   You have to download this item onto your computer.   

You make the purchase just like normal.   After you are done you will see a link to download the movie.  You download it and its yours.    You will also get a link emailed to you to download.   Its so easy.  I have tried to pay for downloads in the past and after you pay you feel like you have been pushed out to sea.   You get the link right on the screen after you pay.   It takes a few seconds for it to load up, but that is normal.  Then you also get a link emailed to you.   So you have it for later.   I guarantee its the easiest and safest download process you will ever experience.